Random Biz Thoughts June 20th

Welcome back to random blogging on a random day of the week. Let’s talk sports and social :)

  1. We wanted to change things up this week.. So we did. After our podcast with Barnana Co-founder Nik Ingersoll a few weeks back (watch here) we decided it was time to switch up our routine. Usually each day we wake up and do generally the same stuff (emails, meetings, biz dev, content creation, etc). Whatever the day asks for we do. But we want to break that up and see what that does for us. So Monday was a “Creative Day.” We focused specifically on creating new ideas, content pieces, and concepts and Tuesday was a Biz Dev day. We’ll let you know how this goes as play this out for a few weeks.

  2. Best Buy Just started selling fitness equipment? I would have never thought they don’t already do this.. Also their stock shares are up 25% this year.. Hmm

  3. Slack just went public today for with an estimated IPO of $16 billion. It’s a convenience and organization tool worth 16 bills. Chew on that friends.

  4. Father’s Day was last weekend. Tim is a father, and I’m kinda/half/will be one in 3 months.. So we celebrated :).. But I was underwhelmed by the number of brands who tell Father’s Day stories and do campaigns compared to Mother’s Day. Maybe an opportunity to stand out in the future..

  5. The NBA draft is tonight. Former Duke Guard Zion Wiliamson will be the 1st pick to the New Orleans Pelicans.. He already has more followers than all but 7 NBA Teams.. He also has a 82’’ reach..so naturally New Orleans based Popeye’s came out with a “Wingspan Box” that is 82’’ wide.. It’s pretty unreal

  6. The Tampa Bay Rays got permission to explore the idea of being the 1st ever 2 city team. Tampa & Montreal. For a league that is slow & at the bottom of creativity, this is a big damn deal.

  7. But the time I finish writing this blog, I’ll have received a few more spammy LinkedIn messages. There has to be a way to minimize this, no?

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