Random Thoughts from June 12th, 2019

I wanted to start a random biz thoughts weekly blog.. So I did. Here we goooo:

  1. We had our 1st ever Our City Coffee Brand Experience with UFC Star Ben Askren.. It’s was effin awesome.. We talk numbers, things we would change and how we were able to make it happen on our most recent Business & BS Podcast

  2. We’re now 11 days removed from Andy Ruiz defeating Anthony Joshua at MSG. Since his win he’s gained over 800k followers on IG alone. I wonder if he has any clue how truly valuable that is..

  3. Did you know you can shop on your TV? Pretty cool right? Novak Djokovic & Lacoste are making it super easy

  4. The “Pregnant Runner” Alysia Montano served Nike a nice little eff you recently. Here’s the story.. It’s pretty wild:

  5. Did you know there was a Live Streaming feature on LinkedIn? Right now, it’s by Invite Only.. But when it officially launches, we’ll be all over it

  6. Twitter seems super cluttered.. But I also think it is the easiest place to be finding people who want to be engaged with..

  7. We’re starting another podcast soon.. Here’s a hint. It has to do with Biz & Sports.. Can you tell we’re into this shit?? We’ll tell you more later.

Short and sweet. I’ll see you next week friends.



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