John Cena Is Proudly American

Well this (Full video) was weird. I’m not sure if I think it’s funny yet. I’ve only watched 5 times, but I haven’t totally cracked a smile…A smirk-ish once though. And then I play it for my brother, and biz partner Tim, and he laughs. No question I’m the weird one of the two, and I don’t think this was funny?! Maybe it’ll grow on me.

We know Cena’s price tag is hefty and his so is his popularity….

Breaking News: I just went to check if he posted the video on Twitter, rewatched, and then chuckled. Maybe it was the caption that got me:

“This one goes out to my beautiful Lady Liberty, my torch only lights for you girl. #Ad #SkyyVodka #ProudlyAmerican”

That video already has 4.5 million views 2 days in, 45k likes, 12k RTs, & almost 2k comments. Sooo I would say that it’s doing it’s job.. getting people to talk about the brand.

Until next time, Get your Brand right :)

Patrick Curran

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